FAQs about Newborn Child Care

If you’re looking for a gentle and caring pediatrician for your newborn’s care, the team at Acton Road Pediatrics in Birmingham, AL is the partner for you.

FAQs and Answers About Newborn Child Care

Bringing home a newborn baby can be intimidating. Even experienced parents can have some doubts. One of the best ways to combat these doubts is to educate yourself – or to simply refresh the knowledge you already have. The following are some of the most common questions and answers from the team at Acton Road Pediatrics in Birmingham, AL to help you build your confidence in yourself. 

How often should I expect to feed my baby? 

Nursing babies usually eat every two or three hours. Formula-fed babies tend to eat every three or four hours. 

How much sleep should I expect to get? 

Not as much as you’d like. Newborns can sleep as much as 17 hours every day, but it doesn’t happen all at once. They’ll usually nap for a couple to a few hours at a time – waking up around the time they get hungry. Sometimes, they’ll wake up in between feedings. It’s best for you to nap with your baby throughout the day so that you get adequate sleep. Consider also sharing nighttime feedings with your spouse to get a few extra hours. 

My baby doesn’t want to latch on when nursing. Am I doing something wrong? 

Breastfeeding is one of the most natural things in the world, but it doesn’t always happen naturally. That’s neither your fault nor the baby’s – sometimes, it just takes some time. If you’re having trouble breastfeeding, ask your nurse if you’re still in the hospital. If you’re back at home, contact your pediatrician at Acton Road Pediatrics. They can help guide you through the process or recommend a lactation consultant to help. 

When should I take my newborn to the pediatrician? 

You’ll likely have an appointment for your newborn’s first pediatric visit before you leave the hospital. If you don’t, you’ll want to call and schedule it in the first few days as they’ll need a quick checkup within their first week of life. 

Should I worry about a fever? 

If your little one’s fever goes over 100.4 degrees in the first two months, you’ll need to call your pediatrician. This is not necessarily a sign of trouble, but it’s always best to be safe. 

If you have any further questions about newborn care or would like to schedule your first pediatrician visit, call the caring team at Acton Road Pediatrics in Birmingham, AL, at (205) 978-8245 today.

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  • "“We love Dr. Frees and her entire staff. She is down to earth and has a great bedside manner. They are like an extended family. Thanks to everyone for taking such great care of my children.”"
  • "“Dr. Breedlove is amazing! She is great with her patients and spends as much time as needed with you to get all questions answered and also just to get to know you. You’re not just a number to her! You can tell she truly cares about her patients! I would recommend her to anyone!”"
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  • "“Dr. McAfee is a great doctor! She’s very understanding and listens to your concerns. She takes time with my son to help him with his health issues! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a pediatrician.”"
  • "“As a first time parent I was really nervous. The staff and Dr. Breedlove were all very friendly and helpful. I especially loved how Dr. Breedlove really took her time to explain everything with us. The visit was great and the doctor’s demeanor has really put my husband and me at ease. I’ve told my New Mom group all about Acton Road Pediatrics!!”"
  • ""Great medical office, wonderful, warm experience from start to finish. Appreciate Dr. Moore taking time to go over the diagnosis clearly and treatment options. Many thanks to everyone at Acton Road Pediatrics.""
  • "“Dr. Frees is incredible. Not only has she taken great care of my children, but also she is lovely to speak with at every appointment. It’s rare to find a doctor that combines such personal touches and care for a patient as a person with outstanding quality of medical care. I highly recommend Dr. Frees!”"